Monday, March 4, 2013

>> Safe Word: An Erotic S/M Novel

Safe Word: An Erotic S/M Novel

From the author of Carrie’s Story comes the continuing tale of a young woman’s uncompromising sexual adventure. Carrie leaves behind her life with Jonathan, the S/M master who initiated her into a life of slave auctions, training regimes, and human "ponies" preening for

Worthy in all aspects!
Again, I read this book in one sitting. I found that Weatherfield's writing has matured and that she is almost delightful in her explicit detail of S/M & B/D. However, I give it four stars because, her switching back and forth was confusing. One moment you're reading about Carrie's expereinces and suddenly you're looped back into Jonathan. I don't like back and forth stuff and so 4 starts she gets. I especially loved the pony training and how Carrie experiences the other side and Kate...the growth with her is spectacular. This book makes B/D almost bareable and although you may find yourself feeling shocked into another is merely the way of life there. I like the fact that Carrie is always taken very good care of- despite the fact being in some very difficult conditions. That care shows some sensibility in the book. I started to get the hang of what to expect. And so will you.

Very sexually explicit but not as explict as the first book. I do recommend you reading...

Safe Word: An Erotic S/M Novel is one of best selling in Contemporary Women category.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

* Best Women's Erotica 2012

Best Women's Erotica 2012

Sexy, smart and literate: Best Women's Erotica 2012 presents the year's hottest bedside reading.There's a hungry audience of readers who demand smart, literate, emotionally charged women's erotica--stories that tell the truth about women's sexuality in all its variety and em

A few gems...
I look forward to this anthology every year. Unfortunately, the 2012 anthology left me wanting. It seemed as though the goal was to include as many widely different stories as possible, but the quality of most of them fell short, and many of them tried too hard. I am usually blown away by at least 90% of the stories in the anthologies - unfortunately, this time, only a few really stood out for me.

"The Nylon Curtain" by Elizabeth Coldwell was exquisite - I really enjoyed the anticipation and build of the eroticism. "Pagoda" by Sommer Marsden was also enticing. Perhaps my favorite story was "A Wider World" by Donna George Storey- the story moves along nicely, doesn't get confusing, and manages to stay sexy.

Best Women's Erotica 2012 is one of best selling in Anthologies category.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

>> Casa Howhard: Vol. 1

Casa Howhard: Vol. 1

With an introduction by Moebius. An elegant setting of women who were once men! Beautiful, irresistibly feminine and with their manly attributes still bulging between their thighs! Gorgeous highly stylish art by another great Italian, reveling in the depiction of these trans

This adult graphic novel by Baldazzini (Moebius only writes an introduction) is one of the best I've seen yet. It is about the inhabitants of a condo who all happen to be sexually promiscuous shemales (the story itself sometimes implies that they were born this way, a physical impossibility, but it is a comic book). The characters are all so gorgeous and feminine that even someone like myself who finds the reality unappealling will enjoy it.

Before reading this graphic novel, I was only familiar with Baldazzini's pinups which tend to be deceptively simple in style but extremely elegant and accomplished. Many influences, mostly turn of the century (art nouveau, noir, etc.) can be seen, although it does sometimes also have a futuristic quality. Some pinups in the style I'm used to fill out the last pages of this collection. However, his artwork for the main story is a bit more cartoonish, but still has a great deal of elegance about it and is very beautiful. The storyline is...

Casa Howhard: Vol. 1 is one of best selling in Erotica category.