Monday, June 3, 2013

>>> The Man Handler: A Novel

The Man Handler: A Novel

A single woman walks a fine line between sexual liberation and carnal addiction in this sizzling hot, ecstasy-filled tale of uninhibited pleasures. Bianca Rivers has an overpowering love and passion for sexuality, and the ability to fulfill her most outrageous desires withou

The Man Handler
Cairo captured my attention quickly, but lost it just as fast. I like the wittiness, sassiness and brashness of his character Bianca; unfortunately after that all is lost. A great character and little to no story. Instead, Cairo , via Bianca, vents, narrates and gives readers a piece of his/her mind. A monologue, if you will. Occasionally a small anecdote from the past is told. But, again, where's the story? Readers stand still in time while the main character finds something else to talk about, much of which is repetitive, and ultimately leads back to sex. Don't get me wrong, some of her observations are on point, but then what?

Bianca has sex. Bianca thinks about sex. Bianca wants to have sex. Bianca remembers good sex. Bianca remembers not so good sex Then it's back to Bianca has sex. Are you dizzy yet? High off of sex-overload? Gratuitous, detailed and graphic sex doesn't a story make either. Throwing out the words d*ck, p*ssy, nuts and clit may work...

The Man Handler: A Novel is one of best selling in African American category.

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