Wednesday, May 22, 2013

~ Emasculating Her Husband

Emasculating Her Husband

To marry Patrick, Theresa suppressed her natural need to dominate her relationships. She believed this was what Patrick wanted. But deep down, Patrick craves submission and feminization, he just can't admit it. So when Theresa catches Patrick cross-dressing, she decides i

Too hot to read in public!
If you are a submissive, masochistic guy with fantasies of disempowerment, humiliation, and emasculation, this book will push all of your buttons. I made the mistake of starting to read it in a public place. When you have a book on your Kindle, you figure nobody can see what you are reading, so you figure "Why not?" Bad idea. This book is way too arousing to read in a public place.

An aspect I love about this book is that Patrick's submission to his wife Theresa is entirely consensual, but it feels every bit as exciting--if not more--than a nonconsensual fantasy. When Theresa comes home unexpectedly and catches her husband acting out a fantasy of crossdressing and bondage, she is angry at first. But when she quickly realizes that her huband's fantasies provide her with a lever to take complete control of their relationship, she seizes the opportunity.

The story feels nonconsensual because Patrick has a dual nature. On one level, he is a normal guy with a...

Emasculating Her Husband is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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