Sunday, May 26, 2013

>> Teach Me Tonight

Teach Me Tonight

Have Body, Will Guard... Bodyguards Aidan Greene and Liam McCullough are hired to protect a spoiled teenager attending an English-language institute. Liam worries that Aidan loves teaching too much to commit to their bodyguard business -- but when things go wrong and Liam's

More of Liam this time
This was a very fast read, a good mix of action and eroticism. I liked that we were almost always together with Liam and we could see all his insecurities. I was also interested in Aidan and his return to teaching. In the previous books, even if he wasn't the perfect bodyguard, I had the impression that he was embracing his new profession a little too smoothly.

Liam and Aidan are still very much in love, but unlike many couples in romance that become a sort of unit after beginning their relationship, both Liam and Aidan maintain their personality. Sometimes they behave like jerks, but this makes them so real in a very unusual situation.

I liked the ancient monastery setting more than the Tunis one, because I liked the idea of an enclosed space where trouble could arise. I felt that the cast of secondary characters of the first part of the book was interesting, but it was completely neglected in the second part. The arrival of Joey, Liam's best friend from the...

Teach Me Tonight is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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