Sunday, January 27, 2013

>> Kissing Steel: Ellora's Cave

Kissing Steel: Ellora's Cave

All Rena wanted was to steal back a spaceship and earn enough money to buy her freedom from her travesty of a life. Her mission to recover stolen property from pirates backfired and she became a possession when she encountered cyborgs instead. Now, one of them will own her.

Story is ok. It's part of a good erotic sci-fi series.
KISSING STEEL by Laurann Dohner.

Rena is an insurance investigator. She is traveling on a shuttle with five armed men. Their job is to repossess a starship stolen by pirates. Cyorgs then stole the starship from pirates and plan to keep it. The cyborgs defeat the five men and take Rena prisoner. She's horrified when she hears cyborgs talk about sharing her for sex. The cyborgs view humans as property and are debating who will get her. Steel is the largest cyborg. Rena believes he is less likely to share her, so she asks the captain to give her to Steel. She hopes Steel will protect her. Unfortunately Steel is not interested in sex with Rena. To ensure that he keeps her Rena makes the first move toward sex. She also makes the first moves toward a relationship. Steel repeatedly rejects her. He doesn't want sex. He doesn't want more sex. He doesn't want a relationship. Many cyborg women want Steel and make suggestive passes at him. Poor...

Kissing Steel: Ellora's Cave is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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