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> Richard Matheson: Collected Stories, Vol. 1

Richard Matheson: Collected Stories, Vol. 1

RICHARD MATHESON: COLLECTED STORIES, VOLUME ONE is an expanded tradepaperback version of the 1989 Dream/Press hardcover limited edition. We will be publishing it in 3 volumes, the first in 2003 and one each year following. RICHARD MATHESON: COLLECTED STORIES is the gat

After you read this book, you will want more!
This little delicacy is the first of three collections of Matheson stories picked and arranged chronologically by publication date by Matheson himself. This volume covers 1950-1953 and contains 29 fabulous mind twisting and thought provoking stories from this writing icon. For a special splash of color, these are not just collected famous works, but also lesser known works from Matheson, which gives you a full course of Matheson for your palate.

Included in this book are two introductions (1989 & 2003) from the author. The reason is that the collection was first printed in 1989 as a limited hardcover edition. It wasn't until recent times that the idea of a trade paperback came into fruition. Also included are tributes to Matheson by the following authors: Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, and William F. Nolan.

Matheson has a knack of making you come full circle when reading his stories, and giving you that ending shock factor in a subtle way. The crème de...

Richard Matheson: Collected Stories, Vol. 1 is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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