Thursday, January 24, 2013

^ Naughty Bedtime Stories

Naughty Bedtime Stories

Take this to bed. The anthology that brings every conceivable fantasy to life. He's a psychic. She's got a dirty mind. They were made for each other. A beauty has met a stranger in the woods. She calls him the Beast. She has good reason. He's left his mark. How fa

Naughty Bedtime Stories indeed!
Naughty Bedtime Stories is one great erotic short-story collection. I had once read one erotic novel by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd called Midnight Butterfly and it was about time I read another one of her offerings. This collection contains some rather naughty stories for couples. Each story contains something that will please a specific reader. Lloyd has written stories with elements of bondage, different fetishes, fantasy and paranormal. My favorite stories are "In My Dreams," "Woodworking Wizard," "The Woman Who Tried to Seduce Death," "Succubus," "Incubus," and "Read Aloud." There is something for everyone here. Even though some of the stories were disappointingly short, Naughty Bedtime Stories is an overall satisfactory read (so to speak).

Naughty Bedtime Stories is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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