Wednesday, February 20, 2013

* Infatuation: A Club Destiny Novel (Volume 5)

Infatuation: A Club Destiny Novel (Volume 5)

McKenna Thorne, owner of Sensations, Inc. – an online magazine geared toward libidinous carnality and erotic lifestyles - is intimately familiar with the lifestyle that the Club Destiny club is famous for. As a journalist, she’s interested in understanding just what make

Infatuated with Club Destiny!!
I thought this book was amazing and could not put it down!

I just love how Tag loves McKenna. This story is intense, romantic, and totally captivating. I love that Nicole writes these stories so that you see it from each point of view. She writes with such detailed descriptions of everything going on - it's like you can feel all of the emotions that the characters are experiencing.

Sometimes, when reading a book, I can't seem to get enough of a specific character. One of my favorite things about how Nicole has written the Club Destiny series, is the way she brings other "key" characters from previous books back together. It gives me, as the reader, a way to sort of keep tabs on them and follow their stories just a little bit more.

Infatuation: A Club Destiny Novel (Volume 5) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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