Wednesday, February 6, 2013

* Swing


Winner (3rd place), Laurel Wreath Finalist, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Award of Merit, Holt MedallionIt all started with an innocent request...Melissa's friend Shane asked her to accompany him on a business trip to an exclusive resort.  But The Sweet Surrender is no

Melissa Woods and Shane Mason were best friends, and she considered herself a little in love with him, but when he asked her to go to a resort called Sweet Surrender that caters to swingers, she was dumbfounded. Melissa had planned on turning him down until she found out her sister Elaine was planning to go there with her husband. Now it was her mission to go there and do reconnaissance for Elaine hoping to dissuade her from going. Melissa and Shane were planning to pose as husband and wife so that he could make a decision whether or not to buy the place.

Ty Adams and Suzanne Fox were also close friends posing at the resort as a married couple. She owns the resort, and Ty as a private investigator, suggested the deception so they could check out the potential buyer. The only problem was they didn't know who it was, so they planned to get to know the new visitors hoping to identify the buyer. When Ty saw Melissa, he immediately wanted her, and thought she was either...

Swing is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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