Sunday, February 10, 2013

^ Little Annie Fanny, Volume 1

Little Annie Fanny, Volume 1

Dark Horse Comics and Playboy Enterprises are proud to present for the first time ever the more than 400 pages of the late, great Harvey Kurtzman's Little Annie Fanny, collected in two deluxe volumes. Kurtzman, creator of Mad magazine and godfather of underground comix, team

Good news, bad news
This book is roughly equivalent to the collection "Playboy" published in 1972 with the same title; it contains more episodes than the earlier one, but not all of them (which means this new volume is likewise just a selection, not the complete run), and the colors aren't as bright as the original book. Nor does it contain the foreword Hefner wrote for the first edition. On the other hand, the new edition contains 20 pages of editorial matter at the end, explaining contemporary references and historical background that few readers needed 30 years ago. So the purist will want to hang on to (or acquire) the 1972 edition, but everyone else can revel in this sexy social satire. The best news of all is the subtitle: vol. 1. The post-1972 strips were never collected in book form, and it is to be hoped that vol. 2 is already in production.

Little Annie Fanny, Volume 1 is one of best selling in Dark Horse category.

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